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"Are You One Of The 85% Of People Suffering From Hair Loss?"

This All New, All Natural Clinically Proven Product Could Be Your Answer! 2 Clinically Trials Have Already Shown Amazing Results For Hundreds Of Patients

(CBW News), - We look into the latest, most promising natural hair thinning/loss treatment to come on the market in years.

Darin didn't think he'd be one of those people who lost his hair. His dad had a full head of hair. So he just assumed he would as well. He didn't realize that 85% of adults experience some amount of hair thinning and loss throughout their lives.

When he looked in the mirror and realized that his hair was rapididly thinning, he decided to try to find an answer. That came in the form of Beverly Hills Formulators product - XCellerate 35. XCellerate 35 had just been through 2 rigorous clinical trials and had promising results. And Darin decided to give it a try. The results speak for themselves. In just a month, Darin experieced a 200% gain in hair thickness and volume.

With results like these, CBW News decided to do a litte more research on what XCellerate 35 is and why it seems to work so well.

Darin's results over the course of 4 weeks with a "half head" test.
What Is XCellerate 35?

Dr. Gilbert, a Research Scientist at Northwestern, developed XCellerate 35 with the help of Beverly Hills Formulators. "I saw a need for a natural hair solution. One without needles, harsh chemicals and surgery. And I knew we could do it, by stimulating the bodies own hair growth ability."

Stress, environment, diet and genetics can all lead the premature hair loss due to a deficiency of amino acids. By replenishing the required amino acods for hair development through its formulations, XCellerate 35 actually arms your follicles with the tools necessary to redevelop your hair.

XCellerate 35 contains 35 power packed ingredients that can help increase the volume and density of your hair and stimulation blood cells to promote healthy hair grown.

After for years of R&D, XCellerate 35 was created. And has shown remarkable results in hair growth and stimulation between its 2 clinical trials and select patients with Beverly Hills Formulators. And now - it's on the market available for everyone.



Dr. Gilbert: "I expected to see results, but XCellerate 35 far surpassed my expectations."

Stress, environment and diet can all lead to premature hair loss due to amino acid deficiency.
By replenishing the amino acids needed for hair development thanks to its formulation, XCELERATE 35 helps follicles with the necessary ingre­dients to develop your hair.

Clinical studies show that the addition of amino acids can help With an exclusive blend of 35 specialty ingredients tested in the lab, XCELERATE 35 promises you hair regrowth that is denser, thicker and longer than ever before.

The specialized formula XCELERATE 35 not only increases the diameter of each hair follicle, but also increases the number of hair follicles per cm2. The vasodilating effect of the patented formula of your XCELERATE 35 promotes hair growth by generating nitrogen oxide that opens the po­tassium channels and promotes blood flow to the hair cells. As the blood supply to the hairline improves, hair growth is stimulated and the results are remarkable.

We decided to speak to two users of XCellerate 35 for ourselves and find out what they had to say:

Cassandra, a 52 year old grandmother from Grand Rapids, Michigan was one of the first users of XCellerate 35.

"Stress, I guess? That's probably what caused my hair loss. My husband had cancer. I had to quit my job to take care of him. We were running out of money. And he was running out of time. And one day I looked in the mirror at myself and saw that I looked like an old woman. I had lost a significant portion of my hair. At the time, it affected my self esteem but there wasn't much I had the time or energy to do about it."

"When my husband was in remission. I started to take care of myself again. And when I did. i realized that my hair loss was more significant than I wanted to admit. I tried a million things, the dermatologist put me on some pills and creams, I got shampoos. I got a bunch of things promising to give me the hair I once had. But nothing worked. It was still super thin and starting to get patchy. I decided to try XCellerate after seeing the results in an online blog. Within a month, my hair was back! It was fuller, thicker and had more volume than it had in years. I looked in the mirror and liked who I saw again."

Thomas, a 48 year old contractor from Seattle, Washington was one of the first users of XCellerate 35.

"Environment. I'm outside All day. That's I guess how I explain my hair loss. Maybe genetics? Either way, at 30, I was thinning. By 40, I looked 40, if you know what I mean. Rogaine was too much work. Propecia, have you seen the side effects of that thing? Creams, chemicals, I thought my only answer was a hair transplant. I didn't want to do that. So I just lived with hair loss. Then, I saw an ad for XCellerate 35. There was a 30 day money back guarantee so I figured, what do I have to lose?."

"Week one I already started to notice a difference. By week 8, I had a full head of hair again. It was amazing. I could run my fingers through my hair without half of it falling out. It was stronger, thicker, fuller. Honestly, XCellerate 35 makes me look 10 years younger. And makes me feel 30 years younger. It's amazing the confidence a little hair can bring you."

How does it work?

The XCellerate 35 specialized formula works not only by increasing the diameter of each hair follicle itself, but also by increasing the number of hair follicles per square inch. The vasodilatory effect of the XCellerate 35 patented formula promotes hair development by generating nitrogen oxide which opens the potassium channels and encourages blood flow to the hair cells. As blood supply to the hair root improves, hair growth is stimulated, and the results are remarkable.

CBD produces many beneficial effects on the human molecular pathway. As a matter of fact, there are more than 65 molecular targets of CBD in the body. A CBD rich product with little THC can convey therapeutic benefits without having a euphoric or dysphoric effect.

The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that receives and translates signals from cannabinoids. It produces some cannabinoids of its own, which are called endocannabinoids. The ECS helps to regulate functions such as sleep, immune-system responses, and pain. CBD Boosts your ECS - providing relief for sleep, pain and other benefits.

Struggling With Hair Loss? Thinning Hair? XCellerate 35 Can Help!

What Can XCellerate 35 Do For You?

This revolutionary product, formulated by one of the leading lab­oratories in hair care, has endured stringent testing, with repeat­ed, proven results. XCellerate 35's current formula was independently tested and shown to accelerate hair release and recovery via increased hair density by an average of 221.75% over non-treated hair.

The trial, which was conducted using half-head methodology with a singular group of participants, saw an increase in hair density by 520.4% on the side that was treated, compared to an average of 298.65% on the non-treated side, after only 14 days.

The Results? Photographic evidence of just how well XCellerate 35 works!

Conclusion: CBW News Has Seen Enough Proof - XCellerate 35 Really Can Help With Your Hair Loss!

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After 2 Clinical Trials - XCellerate35 Shows Promising Results

"My hair starting thinning after I had my first daughter. I tried horse shampoos and dozens of other supplements. XCellerate 35 has honeslty been the only thing that has worked for me. I was so excited to be included in their clinical trial and the results are amazing!"

Jessica S.
Austin, TX


"I've been thinning for a decade. I was tired of looking like an old man. I decided to sign up for the clinical trial. I didn't think a little spray would do much but I was wrong. Got my hair back. Now I like the way I look again."

Carlos C.
Philadelphia, PA

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"I had tumor as a teen. After the surgery, my hair was just massively thinner than before. I tried everything 'magic' cure on the market. Nothing worked. I decided to try the trial for XCellerate 35. And I'm glad I did. My hair is fuller and thicker than it has been in 2 decades. I love it!

Christina N.
Seattle, WA


"I just figured this was my life. I would just shave my head and get it over with. But when I saw the ad looking for clinical participants, I decided to give it a shot. And man, I'm glad I did. I went from looking 50 to looking 20 again. My wife loves it. I love it. "

Earl K.
Denver, CO


"Obviously I didn't like my hair looking like it did. But I'm a dude. I figured, just shave it and move on. Not much you can do. I mean, it was a punch in the gut to my confidence, but what could I do? My wife knew I was, you know, down about it and all. So she encouraged me to try this clinical trial. I'm pretty glad I did. It made my hair twice as thick. And frankly, made me feel a lot better. Which is weird to say, but its how I feel."

Brian S
Houston, TX


"My doctor didn't have an answer for my hair loss. She said that some women just experience thinning hair. She tested my thyroid and put me on medication for it, but it didn't help with the hair loss. My hair was thinning. I just decide to take up wearing head scarves everywhere. It was embarassing. I jumped at the chance to try XCellerate 35. My hair was twice as thick in just 3 weeks - and it hasn't stopped. It back to its beautiful, shinny, strong self! And I'm back to being myself."

Andrea C.
Miami, FL


IMPORTANT: During clinical testing it was proven that you MUST use this product DAILY to achieve similar results.

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Emma Santiago

this turned my hair from thinning to thick - love this stuff!

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This helped fixed my patchy natural hair. I now feel comfortable you all natural whenever I want

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Jennifer Jackson Mercer

I could always just fuller thicker hair - and my husband can definitely use this stuff. Ordering now.

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Chris Cash

This stuff kept me from looking like I was losing all my hair. I'm only 24, gotta keep it for a while right?

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Cameron Barrott

My hairline has started to move back. This stuff looks like it really helps. I'm ordering now - best to stop it before it starts.

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My hair is thinning. I like these results. I'm buying mine now.

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Julie Keyse

I never thought I would have to worry about hair loss. Turns out, a lot of women lose their hair. Stress, hormones, all that. When I asked my doctor he suggested some tests, some creams, so pills. I didn't want to go that route. When I saw this advertised - I knew it was the right choice for me. Happy to report my hair is happy, healthy and thick once again!

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Saj Williams

This stuff is legit. You should try it.

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I think I'll give this a chance to work on my hair. One last effort before I sucumb to the head shaving crowd. I really hope it gives me the same kind of results.

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